MXiiXM Orgone Pyramid for Positive Energy, Amethyst Crystal Ball Orgonite Pyramid, Protection Crystals Energy Generator for Stress Reduce Healing Meditation Attract Wealth Lucky (Tai Chi)


Details: Orgonite Pyramid is known for its ability to convert negative energy into positive energy, it is designed to attract all potential positive energy and spread positive energy surrounding places. In addition, it can be used as meditation pyramid when you do yoga, help you calm down and find your inner peace. Energy Crystal Pyramid Orgonite is a mixture of resin with Obsidian chips stones, amethyst sphere stone, golden foil, then poured into molds. The golden foil can reflect the sphere stone in the pyramid. So you can see the pattern from all aspect of crystal pyramid. Relaxation Helps You Sleep The amethyst is one of the mffective emotional healing stones, and keeping it around or in your room can help heal your emotions, clear your negative emotions, and bring you peace and relaxation when you are stressed, and is good for your sleep state. Perfect Pyramid for Desk Decoration You can place this energy pyramid to your desk, living room, bedroom, office, bookshelf as a fengshui decoration. It will creates surrounding energetic positive environment with calmness to practice Yoga Meditation and reiki healing. Crystal Pyramid Gifts This healing pyramid will be packed in a box for gift ready, a wonderful housewarming gift for your family and friends, help to calm down and relax your mind when you feel stressed, promote relationship with your colleagues, business partners. Pls Note: Since the stone pyramid is handcrafted, the gemstone inside the pyramid is natural, so there would be some small variation in size, color and texture. What you get: 1 X Pyramid 1 X Gift Box