The Ultimate Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Wigs

Different Types Of Wigs

Lace Front Wigs
Lace Wigs are not just limited to one type. There are so many textures and looks you can achieve when wearing a lace wig. Curly, wavy, tight coils, and straight textures are some of the options, to name a few. Lace wigs will glam up your look for any occasion while giving your natural hair a break. Here are different types of lace wigs you can wear that will fit your lifestyle and ultimate look.

Pure Wavy Lace Front Wig
The Pure Wavy Lace Front Wig made from human hair offers you various styling options effortlessly. This human hair wig is designed and manufactured with freestyle parting installed with wefts with a firm but flexible base. The wavy lace front wig fits most women because the cap is medium size with adjustable straps. Its versatile nature stands out as the best protective style.
The unique wavy pattern of wavy Pure Wavy Lace Front wig achieves a healthy body and effortless movement. Processed from virgin Indian human hair, it has a versatile texture that lets you wear it in a single full length or layers. The waves are elegant with enough bounce rich with texture and volume.

Brazilian Virgin Hair Loose Wave Full Lace Wigs
Brazilian Virgin Hair Loose Wave Full Lace Wigs are processed naturally without any chemical additives. They are pure and not mixed with animal or synthetic hair. These high-quality hair wigs are tangle-free and frizz-free. Virgin hair full lace wigs fit your scalp thoroughly with deep parting on the top, giving you a natural look. The bleached knots of Brazilian virgin hair wigs removes visual ventilation knots and prevents shedding. Additional lace in the front and back is another option.

Lace Frontal Water Wave Human Hair Wigs with Baby Hair
A Lace Front Water Wave Human Hair Wig is not treated with chemicals while processing. Natural-looking baby hair on the front hair line is key. The lightly bleached knots of full lace wigs makes the lace unit look more natural. Since it is made from natural human hair, you can dye, bleach, curl, and straighten the wig.

Full Lace Human Hair Wig with Lace Frontal Hair
It is a virgin Brazilian human hair wig with full lace front hairline. The baby hair around the front covers the area giving a natural looking hairline. The adjustable straps make it very easy to wear. Virgin Strands of hair provides you an option to curl, straighten, bleach, and maneuver just like your natural hair. The black color achieves a sleek, gorgeous look, but you can pick brown if you want a lighter color. You can also purchase these wigs in a dark tone and change your looks by coloring it.

Brazilian Loose Curly Bleached Knots Pre Plucked Lace Front Wigs
Brazilian Loose Curly Full Lace Wigs are pure virgin human hair with a pre-plucked lace front. The baby hair covers your natural hairline. This human hair wig comes with a medium-sized cap and bleached knots. This Human Hair Wigs look just like your natural hair because it is not processed chemically. It fits on you firmly and seamlessly without any tangling and shedding. It is durable and lasts over a year with full cuticle, natural luster, soft touching, and healthy ends. Dyeing and styling are possible with this wig.

Human Hair Wigs
Real and unaltered human hair wigs are natural and beautiful. Virgin hair in its untreated form makes it easy for you to style and maneuver as you desire. Using styling tools on synthetic wigs is impossible, but it can be done on human hair wigs, and yet you can wear it for a prolonged period.

Here are different types of human hair wigs.

Pure Wavy Wigs
This amazing wavy human hair wig a loved by many. It is easy to style in various ways without destroying its original wave patterns. You can define the waves, create curls, or straighten it for a changed look whenever possible. It is sourced from a hundred percent human hair.

Pure Curly Wigs
Real curly human hair wigs form coils with rich texture to achieve a ravishing hot look. Beautiful ringlets of curls bounce with healthy movement. You can wear this curly wig in one length or layers. The cap fits you, covering your natural hair seamlessly. Wear this curly wig, and nobody will find out.

Pure Straight Wigs
You will love the pure straight wig if you are a fan of a gorgeous sleek look. Slay your style with a natural sheen and perfect amount of body that is sourced from a hundred percent virgin hair. The pure straight wig has a lustrous texture with a silky body and elegant natural looks.

Bounce Relaxed Straight
Bouncy relaxed straight, fulfills the desire of sleeker look with more texture. It achieves a straight look with low luster and thickness. The texture of a relaxed straight wig blends perfectly with your natural hair with soft movement and smooth bounce. To change your look, wear a full-bodied curl.

A Synthetic Wigs
Advancement in technologies has helped in manufacturing synthetic wigs over the past few years. Sophisticated and improved techniques produce a synthetic wig that looks just like human hair wigs.
The unique and uncanny feature of a synthetic wig is its less styling possibility, and yet people who love a particular style choose to wear it! Another uncanny benefit is you can wear the synthetic hair under lousy weather without any frizz and tangle. There are different synthetic wigs for consumers: straight, curly, wavy and bouncy, etc.
However, it is preferred less compared to human hair wigs because it lacks styling versatility. You cannot style and color your synthetic hair like your human hair wigs.

Caring For Your Wigs
Proper hair care routine for human hair wigs makes them last longer, keeps the wigs looking great and silky. Since human hairs are not colored or permed, they need to be maintained to preserve its natural pattern.

Following are tips to take care of wigs to keep them looking flawless.

Human Hair Wigs
Say No To High Temperature
Human hair wigs cannot resist high temperatures because hair wigs tend to curl, become frizzy, and lose their shine. Avoid using Flat-iron or curler machines too often. It will make the wigs dry and break them.

Avoid Excessive Shampooing
Do not shampoo too often because doing so makes it dry and hampers its durability. Limit washing your human hair wigs to once or twice a month, depending on the frequency of wearing. Excessive washing causes tangling and makes the wigs shed.

Cold Water Treatment To Wigs
Water Temperature plays a vital role in taking care of human hair wigs.
Always use cold water to clean hair wigs to keep them smooth. Wigs don't tangle and curl when you use cold water, so it makes combing easier.

Dry Your Wig Using A Dry Towel
Avoid using blowers to dry your hair wig because it makes the hair frizzy. Protect human hair wigs, using a dry towel to remove water in the hair. Place the wigs in a room with proper ventilation. They should not be taken out in the sun to dry. This way, you avoid hair damage by sun exposure and make the wigs durable.

Comb Hair When It’s Dry
Use a special wide toothbrush to comb your human hair wigs. Always brush your hair from the ends to the top; this will prevent your hair wig from shedding. Do not comb wigs while it's still wet because hair tends to be fragile. Don't frequently comb if you have curly hair, instead use your hand to make them smooth.

Be Gentle On Human Hair Wig
It is usual for your hair wigs to tangle after prolonged use. Have patience in untangling the wigs, do not pull your hair right away, spray some wig-specific non-oily conditioner, and comb it gently.

Hairspray Makes Wigs Dirty
Do not use hair spray because it makes the hair wigs oily and messy. You end up washing the wigs too often, and it strips the moisture and makes them dry and Frizzy Hair.

Say Yes To Non-Oily Conditioner
Use a Non-oily conditioner before wearing your hair wigs, and keep your human hair wigs silky and smooth. Conditioning wigs can prevent static electricity, keep hair moistened, and healthy. Treating your hair wig with a good conditioner meant for wigs is a great way to maintain its life span.

Store Wigs In Its Original Packaging
Keep your human hair wig in its original packaging when you are not wearing them. Storing the wigs in this way can keep its natural form. They will not lose their shape and will look good whenever you wear them the next time around.

Synthetic Wigs
Synthetic wigs are made from human-made fibers and polymers. A lot of silicone, acrylic, vinyl, silk, are used to make the wigs. These hair wigs need special care because they don’t have a cuticle layer and natural oils. So, they dry quickly.
Always wash the synthetic wigs before using them to detangle the strands with the help of a wide-tooth comb to prevent breakage. Wash them once a week with specially formulated shampoos meant for wigs, and paraben-free conditioners. Allow it to air dry and avoid blow-drying the hair. Store it in a box out of direct sunlight to keep them fresh and to prevent hair damage.

Lace Front Wigs
A lace front wig offers a natural-looking hairline and is thin and flexible. The wigs are comfortable to wear because of their lightweight lace material. The hair wig is applied using glue or tape and entirely gives an illusion of a flawlessly natural full hairline and luscious locks.

Add Life To Your Lace Front Wigs
Full Lace Wigs

Cleanse your Lace front wig regularly using a shampoo and conditioner specifically meant for the lace wigs. Please do not use a regular shampoo because it damages the hair strands of the wig. Washing it will keep all the dust and dirt from depositing in the lace base or strands of the wig. Washing the hair wigs keeps them clean and rejuvenated.

With regular shampooing and conditioners, add beauty to your lace front wig with Oil-free shines and hair fresheners to add shine and protect the wigs from the sun.
Properly Attach And Detach The Lace Front Wig

You must know how to Attach Wigs and detach the lace front wig properly. You must use a safe adhesive and take your wig off correctly so that you won't tear the wigs apart. This way, you can increase their life span and re-use the hair wigs.

Hold Up With A Wig Stand
Use a Wig stand, a Styrofoam, or mannequin head that will hold your wig and keep it in good shape when you are not using it. You can use a wig stand to wash or style your lace front wig. Use them to hold the wigs while brushing or washing them. Keeping them on a wig stand makes the washing process easy for you, and you get a clean wig, ready to be worn the next time you go out. You should carefully brush your wig every day to avoid tangling your hair wig.

Full Lace Wigs
A full lace front wig is a combination of both lace frontals and lace closure. The hairs go from the temple area and extend over the u-part, covering the whole head.
They come in different lace; some are French lace, Swiss lace, and HD lace.
The biggest perks of a full lace wig are that it acts as a shield to your natural hair from heat, UV-rays, and styling products. You can recreate your natural hairline using this full lace wig with any hair length, texture, or density. You also can freely part your hair in any way you want since the wig is flexible, and you can style it any way you want.

How to take care of full lace wigs
Use A Mild Shampoo
Use a shampoo free of parabens, sulfates, and silicone to prevent damage to your full lace wigs.
Avoid Scrubbing
Don’t scrub hair roughly because doing so will distort the delicate lace.
Rinse Thoroughly With Cold Or Warm Water
After washing the hair, wigs let them dry naturally by air drying, instead of using a hairdryer.

Store The Wigs Well
Store your lace front closure wig in a cool and dry place when you are not wearing them.
Bonus tip- Don’t wear the wig while swimming in a pool because the chlorine in the pool can ruin the hair strands and damage the delicate lace. Don't wear them while swimming at the beach because the salt in the seawater is harmful to the wig.
Take good care of the human hair wigs to sustain them and look gorgeous whenever you wear them.

Cons And Pros Of Different Types Of Wigs
Human Hair Wigs
Human hair wigs are made out of real human hair and offer the most natural look and feel. Whether you choose full lace wigs, Remy human hair, or other hair wigs, there is nothing like the feel of real human hair wigs. However, they have their pros and cons which should be considered before making the purchase. Keep reading to know the pros and cons of wearing a human hair wigs:

Pros Of Human Hair Wigs:

Natural Look And Feel: If you want wigs that look natural, human hair wigs are perfect for you. They are indistinguishable from your real hair and are very comfortable to wear.
Solution To Hair Loss: Are you suffering from hair loss? Hair plays a significant role in our life and affects how a person looks, so losing it can be frustrating and depressing. Wigs are an ideal solution for this; they provide comfort and restore confidence.
Select Your Human Hair Wig Type: There are different types of human hair wigs to choose from. Full lace wig, lace front and 30 wigs are the most popular types of wigs.

Cons Of Human Hair Wigs

Price Of Human Hair Wigs: Human hair wigs are expensive and cost more than synthetic wigs because they are made from real human hair. The prices range from $100 to $150.
Has To Be Styled: While synthetic wigs hold their style, human hair wigs are labor intensive and require daily styling just like your natural hair.
Requires Maintenance: You should take care of your human hair wigs just like your natural hair to keep them in good shape. Use quality shampoo and conditioner like Indique hair care essentials moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Synthetic Wigs
Synthetic wigs are composed and frizz free

If you want a composed and frizz free hair, synthetic wigs are the best options. Made from the finest fibers, synthetic wigs like full lace wigs, lace front wigs and 30 lace wigs have come a long way in recent years with improvement in the wig technology. With the density and texture, they feel like human hair.

Pros Of Wearing Synthetic Wigs:

Natural Looking Hair Options: You can achieve amazing, natural looking hairstyles for much less money with synthetic wigs. It is very hard to tell the difference between a quality synthetic wig and a human hair wig.
Cost Effective: Synthetic wigs cost less than human hair wigs. You can buy three or more synthetic wigs for the price of one human hair wig. So, purchasing a quality, heat-friendly synthetic wig can be more cost effective than human hair wigs.
Weather Proof: Synthetic wigs have the ability to retain their style in bad weather. On rainy days, human hair wigs become flat and frizzy but your synthetic wigs stay gorgeous as always, regardless of the weather. They are great for rainy days and humid climates.

Cons Of Wearing Synthetic Wigs:

Shine: Synthetic wigs have styles, cuts and colors that look natural. However, they have an unnatural shine which makes it look unreal and obvious.
Shorter Lifespan: Synthetic wigs have a shorter life span than human hair wigs. They last for less than Six months, while a human hair wig can last up to Ten years with the right care.
Less Versatile: Styling your synthetic wigs with a blow dryer or curlers is a big no because they can’t stand heat like human hair wigs. They come already styled and you cannot change the hairstyle of your wig until you get another one.

Lace Front Wigs
Lace front wigs give an appearance of a natural hair line
Lace front wigs are popular among many women. They cover your real hair, give you an appearance of a natural hair line and cost less than full lace wigs.

Pros Of Wearing Lace Front Wigs:

Looks Natural: Lace front wigs give an illusion of hair growing from your natural hairline. They look so natural that it is difficult to distinguish them from your real hair. The natural impression provided by lace front wigs boosts your confidence and allows you to try different hairstyles.
Easy Maintenance: Maintaining a lace front hair is similar to maintaining your real hair. You just have to wash, condition, and brush them on a routine basis. They don’t need special treatments and extra care to maintain their shape.
Breathability: Lace front wigs are more lightweight and comfortable compared to other wigs. They have net fabric with small holes that prevents overheating and allows your scalp to breath. So, if you live in a hot place, lace front wigs are perfect for you.

Cons Of Wearing Lace Front Wigs:

High Price: Lace front wigs are expensive compared to other wigs in the market. You will be able to purchase four or five or less expensive wigs for the price of one lace front wig.
Short Life Span: With delicate scalp and hair strands, lace front wigs are prone to damage than wigs with thicker base. Styling your delicate lace front wigs causes it to fray and break. Most lace front wigs only last up to six months if you use them every day.
Damage To Your Scalp: Lace front wigs damage your scalp if you don’t maintain it properly. They are applied using glue or lace tape which may irritate your skin and damage your hair line.

Full Lace Wigs
Full lace wigs are hand-made human hair wig
Full lace wigs are the most loved wigs for black women. They are constructed from lace caps that cover the whole head. It is a full hand-made human hair wig and is more breathable and light than other wigs.

Pros Of Wearing Full Lace Wigs

They Can Be Parted Anywhere: Full lace wigs provide endless styling options and give you the ability to part your hair anywhere you want. You can either keep it natural or tie it up in a ponytail according to your personality.
Comfort: Full lace wigs are lightweight and give you the look and feel of natural hair. They can be styled in any way you want and can be worn daily without any discomfort. Made of whole lace, it allows your scalp to breath and doesn’t affect the growth of your natural hair.
Durability: Full lace wigs made with human hair and quality materials are durable and long-lasting. They don't stretch, tear, or break and are worth the price because you will be able to wear them even after two to three years.

Cons Of Wearing Full Lace Wigs:
Costly: Full lace wigs are quite expensive because they are hand crafted with quality materials.
Hair Loss: Full lace wigs cause hair loss on the forehead. The use of a lace cap prevents you from washing and nourishing your hair. This makes your hair dry and causes hair loss.
Allergies: Full lace wigs damage your scalp by causing allergies. The skin under hair is as sensitive as facial skin and responds to allergies caused by lace material.

Hairstyles For Lace Front Wigs
Low Ponytail Hairstyles
These natural-looking lace front wigs are versatile, and you have a few options to play with different styles. You can use these human hair wigs to tie a ponytail or a low ponytail with different partings. This benefit allows you to have multiple styles, and they look natural.

Step one: wear your wig, trim, and style the baby hair on your wig as per your liking.
Step two: Apply heat guard on your wig (this will help your wig as it does to your natural hair)
Step three: Take your hair straightener and straighten your wig.
Step four: Grab a very fine-tooth comb and brush your hair to attain a sleek look.
Step five: Use a thin hairband to tie it into a sleek ponytail.
Step six: Grab a small section from your low ponytail and wrap that around the rubber band for a polished look.

Sleek Straight Hair
Let’s talk about lace front wigs and sleek straight hair. There are a lot of online stores that sell straight wigs with pre-plucked baby hair. These human hair wigs are fabulous because they can endure heat, and you have more styling options!

Follow these steps to style and wear your beautiful wig.
Step one: wear your straight lace wig and secure it.
Step two: Do a middle parting- this parting goes well with sleek straight hair.
Step three: Clip the two sides and tweeze and cut the baby hair to your desired length. I like my baby hair-thin, so I cut them to achieve a thin and subtle look.
Step three: Use a brow brush to comb your baby hair. You can also apply wig gel to make your baby hair stay in place throughout the day.
Step four: Unclip both hair clips and bush your lace front wig with a paddle brush.
Step five: Grab and use your hair straightener to achieve a beautiful sleek straight hair look.

Wear this super sleek straight hair look amazing with a body-con dress for a date night and slay the night. Or you can wear this hair with a casual outfit and rock the comfortable and chic style. Either way, this hairstyle is going to make you look like a fashion icon.

Low Bun Hairstyles
Who doesn’t love a polished bun or an effortless messy bun? Buns go well with formal or casual wear and are great for any occasion.
Wigs made from human hair are the best if you want to style and use heating tools. This kind of low bun looks great whether your wig is straight, curly, or wavy.
Lace front wigs can be used to style your hair into a low bun without damaging your natural hair.
Keep reading to find out how to style your human hair wigs into a classic and timeless low bun.

To achieve this look you can use both a straight and curly lace wig.

Step one: Wear your wig and secure it.
Step two: Part your hair to your liking.
Step three: Dampen your hair and apply a wig mousse.
Step four: Brush your hair and tie a bun.
Step five: Use a new hairband to secure the wig.
Step six: To achieve a sleek low bun look, use a rat-tail comb and brush it. To achieve a messy low bun look, take a few strands out after you part your hair.

Curly Hairstyles
Lace front wigs come in different styles-curly, straight, wavy, short, and long, and all of those styles can be manipulated using heat styling tools. You can straighten your curly or wavy lace wigs and make your straight wig into a curly and wavy one.

Curly Hairstyles
As a wig and extension user, I recommend purchasing curly lace front wigs.
You can use Curly Wigs for curly styles and straight wigs when you want a sleek style, this way your wigs will last longer.
Here are a few simple steps for you to achieve curly hairstyles with a lace front wig.

Wet Hair Look
Step one: Wear your wig, then secure it.
Step two: Dampen your wig, apply wig gel, and scrunch your hair.
Step three: Part your hair on one side.
Step four: Spray a hairspray of your choice to set the look.

Three-Strand Braided Look

This simple braided look adds style to your curly hairstyle.
Follow these steps to achieve the look.
Step one: Gently brush your curly wig and grab two sections of your wig to braid a three-strand braid.
Step two: Braid each section in a three-braid stand method until you reach your hair's ends.
Step three: Use bobby pins to secure the braid.
And that’s it; wear this chic look with a bright sundress this summer!

Accessories Your Hair

There is a lot you can do to add style to your hairstyle, and you can do the same for your lace front wigs. There are a lot of retailers that sell accessories for hair-including wigs.
Wear a beautiful flower crown when you go to Coachella in a loose bohemian dress and layered necklaces.

These human hair wigs can be worn for Halloween parties; pair your wig with a pair of cat or bunny ears. You can install hair rings and hair chains for an extra touch to your look for a natural look. There are hair clips with words written on them. If you are willing to spend some, you can get your name engraved on these types of clips. If you are getting hitched, might I suggest a stunning headpiece with flowers designed just for you?
Wrap your lace wig in a bandana for a sporty look; you can also wrap your wig in a pineapple wrap using a bandana or a scarf.
If you are going to a dress-up party, go extra and wear a crown on your wig, like they do in Met Gala every year, and be the center of attention.
There is no limit on how you accessorize your hair, and there is no right or wrong way of wearing accessories.

Braided Hair
Who doesn’t love their hair braided? There are a hundred different ways to braid your hair; did you know you can braid your lace front wigs? Got to love technology, right?

Braided Hair
Now there are two ways you can get the braided look:

Getting braided hair wigs.
You can purchase braided wigs in box braids, cornrows, etc.
Box braid lace hair wigs come pre-braided, and you can wear them as you wear your regular lace wigs. These come in different colors and are comfortable to wear. Similarly, you can purchase pre-braided cornrow wigs. These cornrows are great if you want colors or styles. Both these types of braids protect your hair from heat styling, tight braids, colors, etc. Braided wigs are not limited to the types mentioned above, so if you want different braided styles, you have plenty of options.

Braiding Your Wigs
You can French braid your lace front wigs. French braids are great on your hair, but overusing this hairstyle can hurt your natural hair. I would recommend you to braid your lace wig instead of on your hair.
If you are new or a first-timer, then it’s better to put your wig on a mannequin head and then do the French braid.
Once you are familiar with it you can do the braid while wearing your wig.
Put your wig on a mannequin and start braiding.

Blow Out Hairstyle
Blowouts are gifts, whether you are doing it on your natural hair or your lace front wigs.
Blowouts provide massive volume and change your look significantly and offer a smooth and glossy look. Getting blowouts frequently is not good for hair, but I have a solution for you, getting a blowout on your lace wig. Doing so will protect your natural hair and provide fantastic volume to your wig.
Wavy lace wigs look very luscious when you get them blown out. There are synthetic lace wigs that can endure controlled heat, so if you have synthetic wigs, you can get this blowout look.
There are wigs made of synthetic and human hair that are pre blown out. With these types of wigs, you don’t have to do much unless you want to.
This type of hairstyle goes well with formal and casual clothes. Rock it with a pantsuit or a regular t-shirt and jeans. For a formal meeting, tie a high ponytail or a half ponytail and slay the meeting.
Another semi-formal event you wear a blowout hairstyle is at weddings. You can wear a body-hugging dress or a loose summer dress and complete the look with a beautiful voluminous blowout.

There is no shortage of wigs or lace front wigs that are pre-styled.

Follow these steps and learn how to style a half-bun hairstyle wearing a lace wig.
Step one: Wear your wig and secure it.
Step two: Gently brush your wig.
Step three: Grab your hair and section it (which part you want to tie and which part you want to keep loose)
Step four: Grab your hair tie and pull it where you want your half-bun to be.
Step five: pull and adjust your wig to cover your edges.
Step six: Section your half ponytail into two and twist them with each other.
Step seven: Tie your half bun and secure it with bobby pins.
Step eight: Gently take out a few strands and use them to frame your face.
These are eight simple steps to tie a half bun hairstyle with a lace front wig.

These half-bun hairstyles look great if your human hair wigs come with bangs, and you can follow these steps on synthetic wigs.
You can also buy pre-styled lace front wigs, they are comfortable to wear, but it might take time for you to find the perfect pre-style wig that works for you. Pre-styled wigs are generic, and you won’t be able to do a lot with them.

Half Knot Hairstyles
Whoever said wigs can’t be styled clearly never heard of lace front wigs.
These days with hairstyles such as a half knot, low ponytail, buns, etc., it’s become difficult to say who’s wearing wigs and who’s not especially if they are wearing human hair wigs.
Half knot hairstyles look great on curly, straight or Wavy Wigs and these types of hairstyles are popular among women, celebrity or not.

Follow these steps to get this half knot hairstyle.

Step one: Put your wig on and secure it.
Step two: Gently brush to remove knots and tangles.
Step three: Divide your hair horizontally into two.
Step four: Grab and tie the upper half of the section into a ponytail.
Step five: Create two sections using your ponytail and intertwine them.
Step six: Tie your intertwined hair into a knot with a rubber band.
Step seven: Gently pull a few strands out to frame your face.
Step eight: Curl or straighten your wig. If you are wearing a wavy wig, you can add more waves to it with a curler.

These are a few simple and easy to follow steps to create a half knot hairstyle wearing a wig. Again you can buy a half knot wig, but you won’t have a lot of styling options, and you will be wearing a generic style.

Loose Wavy Hairstyle
Loose wavy hairstyles are one of my favorites, whether I am wearing lace front wigs or styling my natural hair. Since there are a few types of wavy hairstyles, it’s never dull. I have two wavy hair wigs, one in my natural Hair Color and one in deep blue color, and I style them into beach waves and simple loose waves.

Waves can be created with any look. For an everyday look, I tie my lace front wig into a ponytail and create waves.
Learn how to style these two looks:

Space bun hairstyle with loose waves.
Follow these steps to create the perfect loose wavy hairstyle.
Step one: Wear your wig and secure it.
Step two: Do a middle part and create a section of hair on each side of your head.
Step three: Tie both the sections using a small rubber band.
Step four: Twist the tied hair and create a mini bun. Repeat this step for the other section as well and secure it using a hair tie.
Step five: Brush gently and create soft, loose waves using a curling iron.

Ponytail With Loose Waves
This look is pretty simple, but adds a lot of style. Follow these simple steps to achieve this look.
Step one: Wear and secure your wig.
Step two: Tie a ponytail.
Step three: Grab your curling wand and create loose curls to achieve the wavy look.
This is how you create waves in your ponytail.
You can also wear this look without tying your hair. To do so, all you need to do is wear your wig and curl it. If all this is too much for you, purchase wavy hair wigs. This way, you won’t have to do much.

Hairstyles for Full Lace Wigs
The Top Knot Bun
There are a lot of different hairstyles that can go with your long hair wigs elegantly. And the top knot bun is one of the most effortless hairstyles that will always make you look chic and beautiful. Not only is it very easy to execute this hairdo, it also goes very well with the full lace wig. This hairstyle does not require any styling appliances or treatment, keeping your wigs safe from damage. This pro-wig hairstyle is also a very versatile choice with even the slightest adjustments giving amazing results that enhance your looks.

Top Knot Buns - aka Cat Ear Buns
The sleek top knot bun is the recommended version of this hairstyle that will go perfectly with your full face wig. Follow these easy steps to get the world’s most stunning sleek top knot with your long hair wig:

Add some texture to your hair wig by spritzing some texturizing spray on it.
Brush your hair to evenly prorate the texturizing.
Make a high ponytail by pulling your hair back, and secure it with hair elastic. - For the best sleek look try to get all of your loose hair.
Wind the ponytail around its base and pin it with bobby pins.
End the easiest hairstyling session with some hairspray and walk out with a stunning sleek top knot.

The High Ponytail

The high ponytail is an exquisite hairdo that always does the job – of making you look the best with ease. Full lace wigs is the fix to your problems of being unable to get the high ponytail because of degrading hair length, volume and irregularities. The high ponytail works effortlessly with these wigs making you chic and bold instantly. We have documented that the high ponytail hairstyle works best with straight hair wigs yielding one of best styling outcomes.

Considering the minimal time, maintenance, and supplementary styling requirements of this hairdo, it ticks all the boxes of the perfect ‘on-the-go’ updo.

Getting the high ponytail right is vital in getting your styling right. Even though this is an easy to wear hairstyle, there is no room for sloppiness if you want the whole room to keep their eyes locked on you. Get the perfect high ponytail with your full lace straight hair wig with these simple steps:
Dry your hair roots with a blow-dryer and a boar brush (and do not forget to use heat protectant).
Break it into two parts: Get a half of your ponytail right first (the half from ear to ear).
The second part: Complete the ponytail by joining the rest of your hair up with your half ponytail with a boar brush.
Do an aesthetic finish to the ponytail by working with the elastic or use a cute hair pin.

The Space Buns

Buckle your seat belts! You are in for a ride – to outer space. You will be amazed by how well the iconic space buns work on your full lace wig. This outlandish twist on the classic hair buns has made its mark as one the most edgy hairdos ever. The space buns are an undisputed hairstyle that never fails to make you stand out with the astronomically alluring pair of buns. This hairstyle's aesthetic goes to an intergalactic level when worn with the wavy hair wigs, making this combination a very sought after one.

Are you ready to skyrocket your gorgeousness and become an out worldly style icon? Take note of these quick steps to get the perfect pair of space bun on your wavy hair full lace wigs and walk around with an interstellar updo:

Centrally part your hair and spritz some hairspray.
Cluster a section of hair for the knot.
On the desired position of the bun put two fingers in front.
Then around your index and middle fingers coil the hair.
Completely twist your wrist in the full circle and pull the hair’s end with your middle and index fingers.
Secure the bun with a pair of bobby pins by pinning them in a cross.
Repeat on the other side!

The High Ponytail Braids
Hair wigs are honestly one of the greatest things to ever exist along with the high ponytail braids hairstyle because these two go together like peanut butter and jam

I've been guilty of throwing my hair up with an elastic a time or two (or more like a hundred). The traditional ponytail is fast, easy, and an almost too-perfect disguise for third-day hair; but let's be honest, it's boring. Listen, I'm not telling you to ditch the pony altogether—I won't—but this riff on the classic style will take things up a notch and is stupid easy to do (I'm talking one-additional-minute easy). This braided ponytail works on all Hair Texture and, even better, requires very little dexterity. As in, if you can do a simple three-strand braid, then you can do this look.

- Get a grip. To avoid a sad, skinny tail, mist texturizing spray over the length of dry hair tool add enough grit to keep things full.

- Create a little separation. Rake a sculpting paste (we like Sally Hershberger 24K Superiority Complex Texturizing Paste) through your roots as you scrape your hair back. That pieciness near your roots is what keeps the finish looking sporty and cool, not like you slicked things back before going for a jog.

- Start with a tight, low ponytail. "Braiding loose hair feels too romantic and soft," says hairstylist Anthony Turner, and romantic and soft is beautiful, but not what we're going for. Also, securing the braid at the top as well as the bottom will keep it in place all day if your hair usually slips right out of a braid.

- Lock it in. Smooth defining cream, like Redken Braid Aid 03, through the ponytail; it'll keep the braid clean and sharp by preventing any layers from poking through. Again, that's a look, just not this look.

French Braids Hairstyles

The French braid is such a classic hairstyle, and once you know how, it’s easy to do it yourself.

The French braid was my ultimate childhood hairstyle. I coveted them when I saw them walking the halls of my elementary school and was privy to them only on occasions such as dance recitals or wedding receptions. My mom didn’t know how to French braid, so she would take me to the local salon on such occasions.

The French braids of my youth were tight, rigid and designed to stay in for 2-3 days. Finally, my mom, taking a note from the “teach a man to fish parable”, bought me a DIY braid book that I instantly began studying in order to master my own French braid. I have memories of being in the back of the mini van with a laser sharp focus to each step on the page. Here are some tips to for the perfect French Braid:

If you have fine hair, or want to give it some more volume, start with a little hairspray and a gentle backcomb at the top.
Secure the braid with a covered rubber band so that it doesn’t damage the ends of your hair.
Make the end of the braid appear fuller by gently teasing the bottom strands with your fingers.
Use pins to pretty up your braid!

Milkmaid Fishtail Braids

Follow these steps to get the amazing milkmaid braids:

Section Your Hair: Before you learn how to milkmaid braids, start by washing your hair with Shampoo and Conditioner. Once your hair is dry, use your fingers to section your hair all the way down the centre. It doesn’t need to be precise, so long as you have an even amount of hair on each side.

Plait Your Hair: Leave out a small section of hair from the front on each side to help frame your face. Then, taking the bulk section of your hair on the right side, create a classic 3-strand braid, starting just above your ear. Stop plaiting your hair 2-3 inches from the bottom, before securing it with a hairband. Repeat this step on the left section of your hair.

Secure The Braids: Now it’s time to actually create your milkmaid braid. Once you’ve finished plaiting each side of your hair, you need to secure the braids across your head to give the desired milkmaid braid effect. Take your left braid and place it across the top of your head, just behind your loose sections of hair. Secure it with bobby pins every few inches along the plait.
Now do the same with the right braid, placing it just behind the left one. If you have long hair, and find that your plaits don’t finish in the centre of your head, you can bring them down behind your ears and secure them.

Set With Hairspray: To help your fabulous milkmaid braid last all day, spritz it with some Hairspray, holding the bottle at arms-length.

Sleek Wavy Hairstyles
Elegantly flat wavy hair that isn’t a chore to style. Here’s how to get the look.

Step 1: Start smooth.

After washing and rough drying, add in Hair Balm from the roots to the tips and use a round brush to dry the hair. That’s what will give hair that smooth, fly-away-free finish.
Bonus tip: While blow-drying your hair will help smooth over the hair shaft, you can also get a similar look by parting damp hair in the center and working through a smoothing styling cream. Then, create two 3-strand braids. Sleep on the braids and undo them in the morning for gorgeous flat waves without any heat damage.

Step 2: Add curl.
Take two-inch sections of hair and a smaller barreled curling iron and, wrapping the hair down the wand, create your loose, S-shaped waves. This is how you’ll create the curl without the volume.

Step 3: Shine!
A sleek, Cher-in-the-sixties look is what we’re aiming for with these flat waves, so a mirror like sheen is essential. Spritz on some hairspray to add a whole lot of shine and fight any humidity-induced frizz.

Fishtail Braids

The main difference between a French and fishtail braid is that your grandma probably only wore the French braid. Besides being more chic, technically the french braid uses three strands to create the braid. Fishtail braids have two main strands alternately pinching small bits of hair from the outside of those two strands alternating.

Here’s how to achieve the look:

Pull hair back into a ponytail. If this is your first time trying a fishtail braid, start by securing your hair with a disposable clear elastic or a hair bungee.
Divide the ponytail into two smaller, equal-sized ponytails.
separate a half-inch section of hair from the outside of the left ponytail.
Pull this piece across the top of the left ponytail over to the right ponytail. Don’t twist the hair as you bring it across.
Next, separate a half-inch section of hair from the outside of the right ponytail.
Pull this piece across the top of the right ponytail over to the left ponytail.
Repeat steps 3-6 until you run out of hair. Don’t worry if it’s messy that’s part of the charm.

Reverse Fishtail Braids
As you know, the stitches on a standard Fishtail Braid have a distinct “v” herringbone pattern.
A reverse {or Inverse} Fishtail Braid has an inverted pattern which is very different from what you see around.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Begin by combing all the hair into a high ponytail or desired location of the fishtail and secure with a hair band {I sprayed the hair with water first, to make the ponytail clean and crisp}
Separate the ponytail into two equal sections.
Take a small sliver of hair from the outside edge of the right section, and take it behind the rest of that same section and combine it into the inside edge of the left section {in a regular fishtail braid, you would go over the section of hair, and not under}
Now take a small sliver of hair from the outside edge of the left section, and take it behind the rest of that section, and combine it into the inside edge of the right section {simply the opposite of Step #3}

Continue Steps 3 & 4 over and over again until you run out of hair.
When you get to the end of your braid, secure it with a hair elastic.
You may tug on the edges of the braid to soften the fishtail, and create a more romantic look, if desired.
Add any desired hair accessory {such as a bow, ribbon or clip} to finish it off.