Moon Phase Organic Bath Soak with Dried Herbs and Flowers


Moon Phase Organic Bath Soak with Dried Herbs and Flowers, Lavender, Rose Petals, Eucalyptus- Ritual Bath Accessories with Crystals for Relaxation. Stress Relief and Self Care Gifts for Women

  • SOOTHE YOUR SOUL with spiritual bath herbs. Holy Santo’s ritual herbal bath soak set is meant to be a transcendent guide through each restorative phase of the moon
  • TREAT YOUR SENSES to You Time in a bath soak with flowers and an orchestra of fragrance. From soothing chamomile, jasmine, our lavender bath tea bags and more, each herbal soak is a love letter to stress release
  • INCLUDES CRYSTALS! Each paper jar of bathing tea comes with a companion energy crystal. Set those goals and use for a spirit and skin cleansing full, new, waning or waxing moon bath
  • GIFT AN EXPERIENCE like no other. More than just a tea bath set or spa gift set to unbox. The benefits can help bring about lasting spiritual healing that’s unforgettable. Pairs great with essential oils and Epsom salt
  • CRAFTED IN THE USA, made with USDA Organic Herbs and a lot of love. Brew our bathtub tea for the next lunar cycle and slip into herb bath euphoria.