7 PCS Healing Crystal Wands | 2" Amethyst, Rose Quartz,Clear Quartz,Black Obsidian,Green Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli,Rainbow Fluorite| 6 Faceted Reiki Chakra Meditation Therapy


Details: The Seven Value Wands Set for Your Crystal Collection Benifits of Crystal Wand Point Crystal point: Crystal points wand Shaped can get negative energy off the body by pointing away from it. Every crystal wand is highly polished with best handicraft. Healing Crystals and Stones - Best crystal wands for Healing, Reiki, Meditation,Yoga,Spiritual Practices, Harmonizing Your Special Place, etc These beautiful set included seven crystal wands, each cryatal is 2” tall or above.Very handy size.Each wand is a natural crystal selected by hand with quality standard and highly polished with skilled craftsmanship.Best for Find peace of mind;Obtain positive energy; Clasify your mind;Find love in your life;Making a wish;Encourage you to take a lead of your life;Feeling more relaxed, revitalized, and recharged in body, mind, and spirit Amethyst is february gemstone.Amethyst has relaxing and calming energies which will help you find peace of your mind. Clear Quartz clarify your mind and thought. Black Obsidian is a strongly protective stone and Powerful cleanser for negativity. Rose Quartz is a love stone. Rose Quartz support all kinds of love. Green or rainbow fluoriteare wish stones.Make a wish of your important moment. Lapis Lazuli encourage you take a lead in your own life Usage Recommendation: 1. Place your Amethyst on your nightstand. Continue to breathe deeply until you fall into sleep. 2.Carry crystal in your pocket or moneybag all day long. 3. Hold in hand and feel the energy. 4. Put crystals on your office desk or writing desk. Specifications: Size:2 inch tall Package Included: 1xAmethyst 1xClear Quartz 1xRose Quartz 1xBlack Obsidian 1x Random Gift 1xGift Box Note: Please expect variations in wands size and color.