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Braided Hair Bun Thick FAUX Human Hair Scrunchie for Women, young Adults, Teen and Pre-Teen Girls Curly Wavy Messy Bun Juva Bun Extensions for Thin Hair Synthetic Chignon Hairpiece Updo Donut Chignons Cat Ear Buns Color - Choice of 6

Braided Hair Bun Hairpiece Elegant Updo Braided Bun Braided Chignon Hair Piece with Built-in Combs Suggested Uses - Daily Wear, Parties, Wedding, Dancing, Photo Shoots, School, Work, Dress Up. These make the Perfect Costume Hair Accessory

#1003 Bleach Blonde
#1011 Dark Blonde
#2005 Light Brown
#2009 Medium Brown
#2/33 Black Brown Mix
#2 Natural Black

Full in Volume - Braided Hair Bun, fashion trending, super fluffy and natural look, easy to blend with your own hair. More volume is added to the bun so it will be thick enough to make a nice bun on top of your head.

Natural Texture - High quality synthetic fiber is used when designing hair wrap to ensure durability and and a natural hair look and feel. Using a top quality fiber ensures that there is no odor and that it has a soft matte finish and not shiny. Every Woman Need These Easy to Use Beauties in Her Wig Closet Yesterday!

Durable in Use - With proper care and maintenance the durable elastic rubber bands inside your new Braided Hair Bun Chignon will provide you with a long life of service and enjoyment as you use it to get the latest trending style. Try two today using the New Cute Cat Ear Buns Hairstyle that is storming the internet influencers and YouTube Stars.

Easy to Use - Just tie your hair into a ponytail or bun and then attach your Braided Hair Bun to your hair, within 30 seconds you will have a new look. You can create so many cute and charming hairstyles in just a few seconds with it. When you get up late and have no time for styling, just wear a bun. Your new hair bun will fast become your goto choice for lazy days.

Suitable for All Kinds of Occasions - You can wear a bun in your daily life for school, work, or proms. Perfect choice for Daily Wear, party, fancy dress, Holidays, Role play, Night Out, Cosplay, Fashion, Special Occasion, A quick and Easy hairstyle for teens and young girls for school pictures or activities.

Get Your Gorgeous French Girl Style Braided Hair Bun Look In Seconds!

You just can't put a price on a good hair day. Our French Girl Style Braided Hair Bun has been shown to give you the perfect results every-time for you to Rock Your New French Girl Style Braided Hair Bun Look.

Made of high-tech natural heat-resistant synthetic fibers, The French Girl Style Bun is designed to fit all hair types (even thin and short hair) to give you the perfect boost of confidence wherever you go.

Designed to fit all hair types

Wear it comfortably at work, weddings, nights out, dates, and even when traveling to enjoy a good look all day, every-day!

Simply tie your hair into a bun and then attach your Braided Hair Bun to your hair and your style is complete. Simple and gorgeous.

How To Use A French Girl Style Braided Hair Bun

The French Girl Style Bun will hold your hair in place while getting instant hair volume with natural looks that will hold all day long.

Forget about all the money and time wasting on professional hairdressers for professional updo results as you can now do it in seconds with your own French Girl Style Braided Hair Bun Magic!

Easy & Fast To Use
Gives You Instant Hair Volume
Unnoticeable To Others - Looks Like Your Real Hair
Fits All Hair Types - Even Short And Thin Hair
Doesn't Effect Your Hair
Reusable & Easy To Clean

Frequently Asked Questions:

+ Can French Girl Style Messy Bun products be washed?
Yes! You can wash French Girl Style Messy Bun products with hair conditioner/shampoo in cold water. Just insert your extension into cold water and soak for about 5 minutes.

We recommend washing them every 10 uses or once a month.

+ Do I need to style it?
You don't need to style it. It comes already styled as showed in the pictures. Just make a regular hair bun, then put the French Girl Style Braided Hair Bun around your hair. Not only do you not need to style it, but it will also make your hair look fuller and nicer!

+ Do I make a bun with my own hair and then attach it over?
Exactly! Just put it on like you would a hair tie or scrunchie once you have made a ponytail of your own hair.