Flameless Candles | LED Flameless | Votive Candles | Battery Operated | 12 Pack Melted/Dripping | Batteries Included| Kid and Pet Safe


Flameless Candles Flickering Led Votive Candles Battery Operated, 12 Pack (Melted/Dripping)

Set of 12 unscented real wax look flameless led candles, votive candles

Tea light candles Flameless Candles Safe and easy to use, this item steady on ,not flickering type, without timer no remote control, No risk of fire, no fume and no wax mess. Safe around home, children, seniors and pets.

Electric Fake Candles Lights ,Widely Used ,Tea Lights Candles for Valentine's Day, Votive, Wedding, Party, Christmas and Home Décor,

Led Electric Candle Lights For Decoration, set of 12 LED Flameless Tealight Votive candles
Small and Cute tealight Candles, Drips on sides of candles look like realistic wax drips, this item steady on, not flickering type, without timer
battery Operated tealight Candles and Battery included, Electric Fake Tealight Candles Realistic for Wedding, Table, Gift, Outdoor, this item steady on, not flickering type, without timer