Healing Crystals Chakra Balance 16 Pc Starter Set

  • ✅ HAND-SORTED, HIGHEST-QUALITY GEMSTONES--7 Tumbled stones (amethyst, sodalite, aventurine, carnelian, citrine, clear quartz, and red jasper) & 7 Rough stones (amethyst, apatite, aventurine, carnelian, clear quartz, orange calcite, and red jasper).
  • ✅ PALO SANTO stick for SMUDGING. Light the stick, blow out the flame, and clear any negative energy up and away with the fragrant smoke.
  • ✅ SELENITE stick for CHARGING. Place crystals on the selenite crystal for a few hours to recharge and intensify positive vibrations.
  • ✅ CHAKRA BALANCING promotes optimal well-being and happiness. Place stones on chakra points on your body or carry them in your pocket to keep energy flowing freely.

Dancing Bear Healing Crystals Chakra Balance Set Details:

Balancing Chakras with Healing Crystals According to Hindu traditions, there are 7 major chakras that run along the spine. When chakras are open and aligned, energy flows freely keeping us happy and healthy. But sometimes in life, chakras may become blocked and unbalanced.Crystals can help balance the chakras for optimal well-being and happiness. We mindfully hand-sort the highest quality gemstones available on the market so the stones you receive will be the very best for crystal healing practices. Since all the stones are natural, there will be a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes (the photos are good examples of the stones in the kit but will not be exact).This kit is carefully packed in a sturdy mailer box with an attractive label, ready for gift-giving. Healing Crystals Chakra Balancing Set includes: 7 Tumbled crystals—amethyst, sodalite, aventurine, carnelian, citrine, clear quartz, and red jasper. 7 Rough crystals—amethyst, apatite, aventurine, carnelian, clear quartz, orange calcite, and red jasper. 1 Palo Santo stick—to clear negative energy. 1 Selenite stick— to charge and clear other crystals. 1 Hand-crafted upcycled silk draw-string bag (colors will vary)---to hold your tumbled crystals. 1 Healing Crystals Chakra Chart and Guide with photos and educational information. Our products are assembled in the USA by our dedicated team in Eugene, Oregon. People in need worldwide also benefit from your purchase as we lovingly donate 10% of all of our profits to charities near and far. Dancing Bear is proud to provide our customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, we will gladly refund your money plus all shipping costs.

Package Dimensions: 5.1 x 4.7 x 2.4 inches