Lime Green Fairy Sprite Top Quality Heat Resistant Synthetic Beautiful Daily Wear Human Hair Feel


High-quality materials: 100% soft silky heat-resistant fibers give this synthetic wig a realistic and natural appearance. It looks like human hair and feels soft and smooth. When you wear this long wavy lace wig in the middle part, the breathable stretch mesh brings you a comfortable experience.

Wig Details:
Hair Color: Green
Wig Parting: Side Part
Hair Material: 100% High Quality Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair Fiber
Resistant up to 160 Degrees Centigrade (320 Degrees Fahrenheit)
Cap Size: Medium Cap Size 22.5Inch Circumference
Package Including: 1x Green Wavy Wig, 1x Wig Cap

Length will vary by half an inch or less due to Manual Measurement and Hand Alteration. The unit is constructed from TOP Quality Japanese Heat Resistant Synthetic Fiber that is perfect for Daily Wear.

Natural looking and soft to touch.

Perfect choice for Daily Wear, party, fancy dress, Holidays, Role play, Drag Queen Wig, Drag Wig, Drag Performer Wig, Drag Wig, Cosplay Wig, Drag Hair, Drag Queen, Luxury Wigs

The unit is constructed to Feel like human hair and scalp. Netting is an Adjustable, Breathable, and Comfortable and Breathable rose net for all day wear.

With proper care and maintenance can be used for a long time.

Multiple applications: This high-density long wave wig is suitable for all kinds of fashionable ladies, very suitable for daily life, role-playing, Halloween, caring, parties, weddings, travel, vacations, dating, performances, etc. It is also a great choice for gifts for mothers, girlfriends and other important ladies

The advantage of synthetic wig

Synthetic Wigs are made of the finest fiber and with wig technology continually improving, you can now get a gorgeous natural style without breaking the budget

A Synthetic Wig is lightweight and has a ‘set’ style, meaning there is only easy, low maintenance required for looking after your wig and there is never any need for re- styling!

About Hair Texture

Kinky straight hair weave, also know as a blow out straight weave, has become one of the most popular hair textures across the globe.
Kinky straight gives people a feeling of more hair and thicker

About Synthetic Wig

Synthetic wigs are virtually indistinguishable from human hair, except to the most practiced eye.

Synthetic wigs has "memory" which means it maintains its wave or curl, texture and volume, requiring minimal upkeep.

Synthetic wigs, however, are not designed to accept a permanent wave or color change and can be permanently damaged by the use of curling irons, blow dryers or hot rollers.


Wash and condition once a month

How to Wash?

STEP 1: Mix cool water with wig shampoo in a sink or basin. Soak your wig for five minutes, or a little longer depending on how soiled it is. Never rub, twist or wring it.

STEP 2: Gently dip it up and down in the water. If there are makeup stains on the cap, clean them gently with a small brush (like a toothbrush).

STEP 3: Rinse your wig gently but thoroughly in cool water.

STEP 4: To condition your wig, refill your sink or basin with clean, cool water.

Add one or two capfuls of Synthetic wig conditioner to the cool water.

Immerse your wig in the conditioner solution, gently working the solution through the wig with your fingers.

STEP 5: Rinse your wig again gently but thoroughly in cool water.

STEP 6: Pat the excess water out of the wig with a towel.

Hang your wig loosely on a wig stand to dry at room temperature.

Also, never comb a wet wig or dry it with a blow dryer.

Air drying takes only a few hours and ensures healthy-looking, manageable fibers.

About Wig Storage: The best way is on a synthetic wig stand or mannequin head, also you can store it in a hair net and plastic zip lock bag.

Please note wigs should be placed in a cool dry space.

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