Eiffel Tower Paris at Dusk, 5D Full Drill Diamond Art, Round Diamond Painting Kit

Eiffel Tower Paris at Dusk, 5D Full Drill Diamond Art, Round Diamond Painting Kits for Home Wall Décor Adults and Kids
  • Size: 1 1.8*15.7 Inch
  • DIY 5D DIAMOND PAINTING: Frameless diamond painting, made of high-quality environmentally friendly materials, anti-fading polished crystal diamonds, and waterproof, wrinkle-free high-definition canvas
  • RELAX and FUN: The DIY process can be used to reduce stress, regulate mood, enhance self-confidence and perseverance, and cultivate patience, suitable for both the elderly and children. When you complete your DIY painting pattern, you will get a strong sense of satisfaction.
  • EASY TO OPERATE: Each diamond painting is equipped with a pen, instructions and tools. Just place the correct diamond in various places on the canvas, and then press it lightly, your craft diamond painting will be completed and flash with a unique three-dimensional effect.
  • PERFECT FOR INDOOR DECORATION: Our DIY tools and accessories are clean and complete. 5D diamond paintings can be used as home, office, restaurant, café, wedding, library, bar and other room decorations, bringing different vitality.
  • HANDMADE ART GIFTS: Your diamond painting kit handicrafts will represent your time and energy, making it a special gift for your Best friend, Daughter, Son, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Cousin, Niece, Nephew, Grandmother, Grandfather, and friends. You may even want to keep it to yourself !
  • BRIGHT AND VIVID COLORS: The painting is very vibrant with vivid colors that will not fade over time.
  • MATERIAL: Canvas, round resin diamond, painting mud, Environmental hot melt adhesive paste is sticky enough to pick the gems up.
    The painting canvas is waterproof and has a sticky background so that you could easily complete the picture.
  • A LOT OF FUN: You can spend a special night with the family to DIY the diamond painting, This is a very addictive product, Even if you have no basis for painting, this craft is easy to learn.
  • SPECIAL AND UNIQUE GIFT - The diamond painting is a special and unique gift that is sure to be cherished by all
  • CONTAINS EVERYTHING NEEDED TO START - The package will come with all the tools needed to complete the diamond painting and a extra 20% more diamonds to ensure you have more than you need., except to the most practiced eye.
  • BRIGHT AND VIVID COLORS: The painting is very vibrant with vivid colors that will not fade over time.

    What is inside the DIY DIAMOND PAINTING KIT?

    ✔ High-Quality Canvas with the design printed with color/symbol codes finished with a coating of high strength adhesive.

    ✔ Resin Rhinestone " Diamonds " in small individually separated color packets in the required quantity to fill the design (larger size canvas will have more colors).

    ✔ Pen applicator with a soft grip to pick and place diamonds on the canvas.

    ✔ Tray with grooves to pour and sort diamonds and pick them as single or multiple diamonds.

    ✔ Wax Glue is filled in the pen nib to make it easy to pick up the diamonds from the tray.

    If this is your first project be sure to READ the detailed HOW-TO-INSTRUCTIONS to get started with this Awesome New Hobby.

    Craft lovers all over the world love this new innovative hobby “DIAMOND PAINTING “ - a fusion of traditional Cross Stitch and Paint By Numbers.



    Diamond painting hobby lovers vouch for this stress buster and anxiety-reducing activity. Switch on your favorite music or podcast and feel the calmness engulf you.
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