2 Sheets Temporary Tattoo Sticker-Waterproof Cool Arm Leg Back Body Sleeve Fake Tatoo For Women Men Adult Kids Long Lasting Temp Tatoos With Realistic Geometric Army Warrior Soldier Sword Pattern For Halloween Party Masquerade


Details: Package includes:2*Cute Temporary Tattoos with Realistic Geometric Army Warrior Soldier Sword PatternSize:6.69inch(17cm)*18.89inch(48cm)PRECAUTION:Do not apply to sensitive skin, near eyes or if allergic to adhesive. Also not recommended for children under 3 years old.How to use tattoo stickers?1.Ensure the skin is clean and oil free.2.Peel off the transparent film.3.Place the patterned face down on the skin.4.Moisten the tattoo sticker with a damp cloth or sponge until it penetrates completely, and press for 30-40 seconds. 5.Gently remove the paper to get a beautiful tattoo!6.Allow the tattoo dry naturally.How To Remove:Dab Tattoos With Rubbing Alcohol Or Baby Oil, Wait For 10 Seconds, Then Rub Gently And Repeatedly With More Rubbing Alcohol Or Baby Oil Until Removed.fake tattoos,temporary tattoos,temporary tattoos adult,tattoos,temporary tattoos for kids,fake tattoos that look real,fake tattoos for women,sleeve tattoos for women,temporary tattoos for women,kids tattoos,tattoos temporary,temporary tattoos for adults,tattoos for kids,fake tattoos sleeve,fake tattoos for men,temp tattoos,temporary tattoos women,temporary sleeve tattoos,sleeve tattoos for men,temporary tattoos for men,kids temporary tattoos,tattoos for women,full sleeve temporary tattoos,sleeve tattoos,fake tattoos for kids,tattoos temporary realistic,personalized temporary tattoos,temp tattoos for kids,waterproof tattoos for women,realistic fake tattoos,large temporary tattoos women,personalized temporary tattoos,temp tattoos for kids,waterproof tattoos for women,realistic fake tattoos,temp tattoos for men,stick on tattoos,realistic tattoos long lasting,half sleeve tattoos for women,temporary arm sleeve tattoos,adult tattoos temporary,temporary tattoos adult women,face tattoos for women,animal tattoos for kids,temperarory tattoos