10 Sheets Henna Tattoo Stencils, Temporary Tattoo Stickers, Reusable Self-Adhesive Tattoo Templates with Moon Castle Pattern for Women and Girls Body Art Makeup Party Decoration


Details: The Henna Tattoo Kit is Perfect for creating a Ramadan atmosphere. The tattoo template is made of soft polyvinyl chloride, durable. If you use them carefully enough, they can be reused several times. Removable tattoo stickers come in different sizes. It is very convenient to use and keep after use. HOW TO USE: 1. Carefully remove the white backing paper from the stencil. 2. You can cut the stencil into small parts to apply on your skin. 3. Apply the stencil to the skin, adhesive side down. 4. Slowly peel back the clear protective sheet. 5. Apply henna body paint to the skin showing through the stencil. 6. Let dry according to paint instructions. 7. Once henna is completely dry, rub off excess paint and remove the stencil. 8. Reduced contact with water can make the pattern last longer. 9. Use the stencils also for Glitter Tattoo and Air Brush Tattoo. Add glitter or other colors with a paintbrush for a special effect. Please use a towel or cloth to clean the debris on the skin, do not use water. Note: Not for use on the sensitive skin around eyes or lips, or with young children.