Tuning Fork for Healing Balancing Subtle Energy Clearing Meridians Chakras & Cleansing Auras, Manage Anxiety Stress Relief, Relaxation & Weight Loss Powerforms Sacred Geometry Neutral Space 6” x 4.5”


Details: Your light body or aura is the intelligent energy interface between your physical body, your emotions, your mind, your soul, and the universe itself. Use the Neutral Space Plate to explore your emotions, thoughts, and sensations as Energy Patterns in your light body. Working with the energy patterns of the light body, you can easily tap into deeper harmonious levels of consciousness, transforming difficult emotions and thoughts of chaotic or unbalanced energies of the physical body. Your subtle anatomy, etheric body or blueprint is a higher non-physical energy frequency and the bridge between your physical body, your light body, and the universe itself. The Neutral Space Plate is especially helpful to the HSP - that 20% of the population that is particularly affected by harsh or unbalanced energies and environments. Researchers have also referred to this special kind of awareness as Sensory Processing Sensitivity. The Neutral Space Plate can help bridge the body, emotions, mind, and soul - safely and gently - so that you can re-integrate and experience the subtle joy that lives within you. The universal source's cosmic consciousness is known by many different names. When you explore your light body, and you discover its potential, you gradually become aware that you are conscious at many levels. You sense the unity between your own universal self and the universe's consciousness. This means that you can sense that you are in harmony with the universe and that you are a vital part of the universe. Discover that you can sense the vibrations of the universe. You may be surprised to discover that these universal vibrations are intelligent. Define the energy of the entire universe. Call it the light body of the universe, or the soul of the universe, or the Creator - any name that you identify with. You might imagine it as an infinitely large vortex of pure consciousness and pure creation from which comes everything that exists.