So you’ve bought a wig now what do you do with it?

Here Are My Five Best Tips For Making Your Wig Look Like Your Natural Hair

Can you tell if someone is wearing a wig?
There are no foolproof ways to tell whether someone's hair is real or not.

Most common mistakes when installing a wig are easy to fix and make this question harder to detect. By learning to navigate these synthetic hair faux-pas your results will be a much more natural-looking wig that will last!

Unicorn Mermaid Rainbow Lace Front Wig


1. How to Channel your inner Cher!

Well you FINALLY found your first  perfect wig. You have been eagerly anticipating its arrival. You have stalked the mailman for days! The moment you got the package in your hands you shredded it  and plopped the wig straight on your head, turned to the mirror and WHAT WAIT A MIUNTE - This looks NOTING like the picture.  Now you are disappointed that you’re not instantly ready for Coachella. My recommendation is to apply a little makeup and have a positive mindset. It is Amazing what a little Bronzer, lipstick, and confidence can do to your self-esteem. Now that the panic attack is over continue reading below to learn how to fall in love with your wig just like you fell in love with the picture of your wig.

Non Lace Front Human Hair Kinky Afro Bob


  1. Bring your wig to life!

During storage, packaging, and transportation your new wig will become flat and compact. To correct this all you need to do is turn it upside down and give it a gentle shake. This will help to get some air circulated back through it and will help to bring it back to life. It will loosen the fibers and help to separate the hair. It’s also important to play with your wig! The style of the unit may need to be adjusted to match your unique face shape, features, and skin tone. With a little time and effort you can manipulate the wig into a style that is ultra-flattering to your face.               You may need to move or add a part line, make sure it is correctly positioned on your head, add cosmetic foundation to the part line for correct coloring, or add texture and volume, etc.     


3. How to win the Battle of the Bulge with your Wig Cap!

Nylon or mesh caps are used to protect your hair and make your wig more comfortable to wear. To get started style your hair so that it lies as flat as possible against your head. Then all you need to do is stretch the wig cap over your scalp so all of your natural hair is hidden underneath the wig cap and  slip on your new wig. Goodbye bad hair days!




  1. Find your forehead

Having an unnatural wig hairline is an easy fix and makes a world of difference when it comes to your wig looking like your own naturally growing hair ! Having bangs can add shape, shorten out a forehead, soften up a sharp jawline or add angles to a round face. The human eye will naturally draw to a awkwardly shortened forehead! Make sure that the hairline of your wig sits exactly along your hairline, millimeter perfect - If you wear a wig too far forward this will change where your natural hairline sits, has a not-so-chic consequence of making your wig look like a WIG

  1. Understand your wig’s unique part line!

If your wig has a set parting line, it does not always mean it should sit in the center of the head. Some wig designs can be based around a dramatic side part. Wearing the parting line in the center of the head changes the intended look of the wig, and the hair can appear wonky and crooked. Of course, this does not apply to free-part lace front wigs which allow for the placement of a part line anywhere you like. Some wigs look fabulous no matter where the part is worn on the head.