5-500 4x8 color poly bubble mailers free same day shipping for 35.00+ orders


5-500 4x8 Color Poly Bubble Mailers Free Same Day Shipping for 35.00+ Orders
Bubble Mailers: Usable Size: 4 x 7. These mailers add a pop of color to the mail and stands out from the rest, quite different from the standard one. Your customers will look forward to that charming Black envelope in the mail. Lightweight mailing envelops, will not add to your shipping costs.
Multipurpose Bubble Mailers: You can use these to mail cosmetics, paintings, fashion accessories, jewelry, medicines, seeds and bulbs, and a lot more. They are padded enough to protect fragile things during shipping. The laminated top allows you to attach self-adhesive stamps and address labels easily.

Tear Resistance Envelopes: This padded envelopes are with durable and sturdy surface, work great instead of paper versions that tear with sharp,heavy, or weird shaped products. Also made with multilayered polyethylene sheets, provide an excellent protection for shipment.

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